18 July 2013


It's like suddenly, more than half a year has gone by.

I can't finish telling how much 2013 has been good to us, probably explains why it feels this fast.

And suddenly the little one has turned 2 about a month ago.  I made him a cake for the first time and I'm so glad that I did.  I gladly make his cakes my lifetime actually.  

We can't help feeling how quickly his first year has gone by.

He made his first stand while the tv was playing the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, my baby looked like a proud medalist then.

Suddenly, he was taking baby steps, next he started running, and kept coming up with new surprises every other day.  It was pure joy watching him grow.

For the longest time the cub babbled a storm all day long but would never spout a single perceptible word, I kept blaming myself for it. Then one day he made me cry when he read letters 'T' to 'Z'.  From then on the floodgates crashed, he mastered the alphabet, numbers in 2 languages, basics like colors and shapes.  Now he's popping words I never knew he would know. I like it that I still get to enjoy his cutest babbles, it's funny watching him calling most living things 'wan wan' ( 'puppy' in Japanese ).  Even a caterpillar is 'wan wan'.

The cub is growing so fast, and everyday I'm like looking for the slightest resemblance to his infant days.  It's even getting awkward calling him 'baby'. 

As much as I've hoped to blog about him more diligently, I guess I'll keep the blog true to the present lifestyle we're having.  I'm dedicating almost my entire time to him every day, but hey, it makes me happy. :) 

If you're one worried mom who stumbles into this blog, you're not alone with a child with speech delay.  My boy has only started talking at his 21st month, now he's reading his books in chunks and fragments.  Boys tend to talk later than girls like most said, but they'll catch up.  Most of all, when you feel like losing it when every other child is talking except yours, take deep breaths.  Your wait takes a little longer, but you'll get there.   Albert Einstein didn't start talking until he was five.  If you think you need professional help, do so.  But most of all, keep the candle burning for your child.

22 April 2013

Is it really spring already?

We've gone back to winter the past 2 days, it snowed!  Look what it has done to the garden.

They weren't so bad then when the shot was taken but truly done for right now due to the extended chill.  I was hoping to enjoy them a little longer.

How's spring like at your place?  

The little one is 22 months today and I can't believe that he's turning 2 in another 2 months.  Why wouldn't anybody tell me that time will pass this soon.

12 March 2013


Remembering the sad earthquake that happened in Japan 2 years ago on this day. During such a troubled time for the country, it triggered some issues at home that needed to be addressed immediately.  It was probably a stressful period for every single soul residing at Japan that time.

Today, I held my child to feel his warmth with all the sensory in me, closed my eyes and observed a moment of silence.  Such tragedies could happen to anyone, it could have been us, and if it happened that way then I wouldn't have the chance to see how my baby looks like.  

Many must be still deeply sorry for all the victims, and deserving or not, grateful about their present happiness.  I'm one of them.   When he's old enough, may I not forget to let him  know about this dreadful disaster, and the important lessons it teaches. 

20 December 2012


This one is for Sharilyn, who came into my life in 2008 when I started blogging.  

It all began with this sweet collection we shared, the shape of heart.  She stumbled into my place, and you know that kind of feeling?  You're not the only one in this world who sees these little hearts happening around too? 

Through the years we mailed, shared our thoughts, prayed.  Her personality translates despite the miles, she's naturally thoughtful, kind, humble and sincere.  I've been so blessed by her sweetness the past years.

This one is for Sharilyn, who left for heaven hours ago with so many she left behind brokenhearted.

Just when I was thinking of you again, an image on tv had 2 cats forming a heart with their tails.  Was it you my friend, feeling my vibe?

Thank you for your presence and who you are.  Let's have our first hug when we meet in heaven.  Till then, I know I will think of you whenever hearts appear.  I hope that you catch the breathtaking diamond dust this winter from above, someday let's experience one together.  Meanwhile, relish the endless glories Jesus has in store for you.


11 November 2012

Coming back...

I hope I really am.  Being verbal is burdensome sometimes, I may end up eating my words or hanging myself.  But what you do with blogging?

I don't know what broke down within me.  I needed a break and so I did and so explains the hiatus of quiet months.   By when I'm finally resuscitated from my daily coma, this is what I see...

I've missed a lot in between..Looking back, much are like fallen leaves.  I guess I'm left with seizing the moment and living in it.  Breathe.

To make it last, maybe blogging helps.  Like how you press the leaves.


29 June 2012

1st birthday & 1st year at home

28th June a year ago was when we brought the cub home from the hospital.  

'Hello baby, we're home' was how we've ushered the cub, still nameless then, into the house.  

A year later he is capable of navigating his way around the house if I let him.  He whisks his toys across the expensive parquet, creates a new mess everyday and makes himself very comfortable at home.

Sometimes the wild thing gets tired of indoor fun and starts leaning by the window to watch what's going on outside.  It's just embarrassing!  Especially when he is shabbily dressed, now what do you expect, we're home!  Now the passersby may be speculating that I've neglected my boy so much that he resorts to attention at the window.

Look at him, how can you ignore this cutie pie slapping on the window?


It's crazy but we can't imagine how home will be home without him!

So we make our perfect home the perfect place to celebrate the cub's first birthday ;)

I would have baked him his first cake if not for the nagging pain at you know where.  Anyway, I ordered one, customized it to resemble my boy's smile which tickled the pastry chefs much I heard.

A miracle happened on the day, his left eyelid reappeared though it retired after a few hours again.  It was brief but it really made his folks very happy.

It may have been a quiet celebration, just 3 of us, nonetheless joyous, blessed.  We've received gifts from family and friends, everyone who so love the baby...

But no love beats one of the loving dad, who prepared a glam toy ride flown all the way from Germany.  The birthday boy had his first BMW racer.

Uninformed beforehand, I was very moved when it was delivered to our place.  Bear's quiet thoughtfulness was one of the best thing I love about him.  We're blessed to have this sweet man at home.

The racer is truly heavy for a toy and takes a while before the cub is capable of handling it.  For now, we like the horn that makes a old fashioned squeak like an antique toy.

He really should have been more grateful and behave instead of having a little accident that day.  The cub peed on the floor for the first time.  :P

23 June 2012


To my baby who have turned one,

I knew I'd love you when I found out about you.  

During the earlier half of pregnancy, on bad days I would vomit up to 18 times in bile, blood and tears.  It was hard but when I felt you fluttering by 13 weeks, baby you got me going on.

I loved the feeling of having you within me so much, I kept telling people I'd like to be pregnant for a little longer.

To have you means I went through labor, what meant lake of fire, gnashes and teeth to me from the age I understood women are designed to give life.  God is good, He was there all the time but know that I chose to go through hell just to have you. Epidural free.

I didn't cry, scream or utter a single complaint not because I was strong, but the thought of you going through the trauma of birth had me cast into iron.

I will never forget the way you looked first time I laid eyes on you.  Your twinkling bright eyes, cherry red chips... everywhere rounded and translucent pink.  You were so blindingly beautiful.

I admit that I was scared when we took you home, as I've heard too much stories of ladies who couldn't handle their babies.  Have you learned that from the start?  Is that why you've been kind to us all along?

I didn't get Tendonitis because of you.  But I must thank you for making it worse so that I could get it fixed for the rest of my lifetime.  God had the healing paved that way.

I've lost count of how times I've been hurt latching you, but nursing makes me feel beautiful. Forgive me though for always looking away cos whenever our eyes lock, you'll unlatch yourself, grin and start pouring milk out from your lips.  Your innocent milky grin. 

Thank you for weaning off the 5a.m. feed by yourself at 8 months.  Mommy was determined never to let you cry it out though I would love to sleep through the night like anybody else.

I miss you in this winter coat
I recall nursing you during those wintery nights, your poor ice cold hands.  I enclosed one within my fist while you cutely placed the other on the boob for warmth.  It was the sight that urged the let-down reflex and we started looking like 2 red hot bodies glowing in the dark.

I miss you in your winter coat.  You, a meatloaf in that fuzzy coat with 2 cute ears, were eye-catching wherever we went.

Because of you, this crazy picture with the background mess I can't be proud of, makes me smile. 

Find your lovey here.  It's pink.

It's ok to have a lovey or two, take my blankee too.  Thank you for making me the queen of your heart, for now.

Keep coming over to our bed in the morning morning and sleep all over us or fart in our faces.  I love the feel on your feet on my face.  But sleep baby, please sleep and we'll play later.

I thanked papa today, for all that he's done.  I realize that I've been thanking everybody around me except him.  He's the man who shared the seed and fathers my precious.  I can't imagine if you would look this perfect if I have you with another guy.

Know that I love papa very much too.

 Though there were times that were undeniably tough, I'll go through everything again just to have you.

For I love you.  And I love you so much, it hurts.

 Even on days you were less an angel, I loved you no less.

Mommy is a happy person now, not that one I used to know.   I can smile like a fool at the lyrics of 'What a wonderful world'  I wonder if I've really lived before I met you.

Thank you for being my child, the biggest miracle of my life.  Stay healthy, happy.  Stay you.  Keep surprising me and teaching me faith.

And never forget we didn't connect by chance.  It's a string of work and plans with great intent by God our Creator, the Giver of all good things.

Lord I've done nothing to deserve such great blessing, one that surpasses my dream.  But bless me no less from here, help me raise this child for Your glory, and keep him in Your enormous grace.  Amen.

22 June 2012

Baby... and unagi

'You are 2cm dilated.' I was told.  The contractions came on slow and mild, and so I wasn't quite convinced that the baby is arriving.  I requested for discharge, because I needed to have my last fill of unagi, my favorite Japanese food.  It had better be the top course on the menu for the delivery would demand all the stamina I guess. 

We left at 4p.m. and shortly after I regretted leaving because the contractions started to hurt.  But I put up with it, as Bear would be very mad at me. ' I told you not to leave! ' he would say. :(  More importantly, I wanted my last decent meal for God knows when would I get to eat out without a care again.  Besides, did I mention that unagi provides stamina?

By 10p.m., the frequency was like every 10 minutes and hurt like real.  I started filming my tummy, how the baby would extend a fist or foot or elbow, wherever.  I urged Bear to sleep cos I would need his full support the next day, the contractions were too disturbing so I lied about a program I didn't want to miss.

By this hour at 12.48a.m. , I was already breaking out in cold sweat.  That night was chilly like how it is now.   I was still hanging on stubbornly, so that Bear wouldn't have a chance to lecture me on risking lives for unagi.

About 2a.m., Bear woke up to find me looking pale and limbs cold.  So he decided it's time.  It was a very foggy night, the drive felt like an eternity as Bear wasn't speeding.  For the first time on expressway, he didn't.

We reached at 3a.m.  Not knowing that the contractions would escalate a hundredfold hours later, I asked Bear if he could fetch me an unagi lunchbox by takeout.  Then the nurse came in to put me on a disappointing drip.

I have the baby to thank actually.  I had unagi almost every week once the morning sickness subsided.   After delivery, we were gifted with unagi from relatives.   Bear bought them several times to help my nutrition.  The family clan's celebration was held with an elaborated unagi course cuisine.  I have probably had the amount of unagi some Japanese had their entire lifetime, in a matter of months.

I'm glad that I've had enough of unagi before its price has shot up painfully high starting months ago.  Do you know how much an unagi meal would cost you these days?  Almost tripled the price I last had it!  A word of advice to anyone traveling Japan, please give unagi a try if you haven't.  Cos if you don't, you may never will in another few years to come.